Monday, 7 March 2011

Taking to the air!

As we walked back towards the Sylvanian Village, we spotted a big empty field, with lots of flat grass and no cows at all. "What a waste of grass" we thought, until we came to a gap in the hedge, and there we saw the most wonderful aeroplane. It was shiny and superfast looking, with a huge propeller on the front, and had clearly been designed with an adventure seeking pup in mind! I walked around it to check out the controls and reached up to the canopy that covered the little cockpit. It opened! I was just about to climb in and start her up when I noticed the little Molebabe looking sad. "What's the matter?", I asked him. "It's a single-seater - there would be no room for me!", he wailed. Oh dear, I hadn't thought of that. Reluctantly, I closed the canopy and we walked away. Perhaps it was just as well, though, as my experience of flying planes is very limited - well zero to be exact. I sat in one for seven hours when I first came here from Labrador, and nothing much seemed to happen - just watching films and being brought food - so it can't be that difficult. But I suppose the landing might be a bit tricky.
So we still have the problem - what can we use to get down to Oxford quickly and safely to visit the Mole and his Boy?

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